• Arba Minch

    The greatest attraction for tourists in the area is Nechisar National Park, an opportunity to see Ethiopia’s varied wildlife and plant species up close. The park also features the hot springs which gives the city its name: Arba Minch means ‘forty springs’.
  • Lalibela - Rock Hewn Churches

    The Rock-hewn Churches of Lalibela are monolithic churches located in the Western Ethiopian Highlands near the town of Lalibela.

  • Dallol Volcano

    Dallol is a unique, terrestrial hydrothermal system around a cinder cone volcano in the Danakil Depression, northeast of the Erta Ale Range in Ethiopia.

  • Gondar

    Gondar is the imperial city of Fasilidas. The kings of Ethiopia based their power in Gondar for about two centuries. The city was the first capital of the Ethiopian empire that began in 1632 with the reign of Fasilidas.
  • Lake Tana

    Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and the source of the Blue Nile.
  • Omo Valley Tribes

    Visiting the communities of the Omo Valley is a privilege. Each of the tribes in this region have a unique culture and way of life. Almost all of the tribes differ in language, clothing, food, and traditions, all of which have developed over millennia.

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Discover the traces of ancient religions but also see how the past is still alive in the multitude of cultures in Ethiopia.

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