The Eco Lodge in Lalibela with Mule riding




Visit First group of Lalibela Churches

This day, Wake Up early morning transfer to the airport, the flight usually departs from Addis morning at 7:40am and arrive to Lalibela at 10:10am. Upon your arrival to Lalibela, you will be picked up by our agent transferred to hotel and have few hours visit to the first group of Lalibela Churches. This day, visit the first group of Lalibela Churches which are located north of a small stream named Jordan River. These Churches were carved during the time of King Lalibela (1181 – 1221) and are registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. 

Overnight Lalibela Lodge

After breakfast, start visiting the second part of Lalibela Churches. have a excursion trip to the cave-built up church of Ne’akuto Le’ab (13th Century AD) which is famous for its wide collection of ancient crosses, manuscripts and icons. If this day is Saturday, spare some time at the interesting weekly market of Lalibela.

After the visit, you will trek up to the Beautiful Hudad Eco Lodge which is 2 hours away from the main City. .

Overnight Lalibela Hudad Eco Lodge

In the city of Lalibela you will see about Eleven Rock Churches organized in to groups of three.

  • Biete Medhane Alem
  • Biete Maryam
  • Biete Golgotha Mikael
  • Biete Maskal (House of the Cross)
  • Biete Denagel (House of Virgins)
  • Biete Giyorgis
  • Biete Amanuel
  • Biete Qeddus Mercoreus
  • Biete Abba Libanos (House of Abbot Libanos)
  • Biete Gabriel-Rufael
  • Biete Lehem (Bethlehem Hebrew: בֵּית לֶחֶם, House of Holy Bread).

You can trek to one of the villages close to the Hudad and learn about the life of the local people including farming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions. You will visit the church of Asheten Maryam (3150m altitude) which gives you more outstanding panoramic views of the area. The church is located at an hour’s trek from the lodge.

Overnight Lalibela Hudad Eco Lodge

Wake up early morning and right after breakfast start trekking to to the 3rd Highest peak in Ethiopia Mount Abuneyousef (4300m) you will enjoy the spectacular view of mount Abuneyousef and different fauna and flora, visit swarm of Ghelada baboons, read fox, plenty of Birds and lots of Fauna and flora of the area… you will spend most of your day inside abuneyousaf and clime till the last point of Abuneyousef Mount Abuneyousef rim Gedel (4300m) let in the afternoon you will return back to Tigu Keble for overnight.

Accommodation at : Tigu Keble Home stay

Trek to the place where you meet the car and drive back to Lalibela. Tyhen you will be transferred to airport to take the flight back to Addis.

Your flight will depart from Lalibela at 12:15pm and you will arrive to Addis at 2:00pm.