Triangle Ethiopia-North, East and South


Tour to North, East and South Ethiopia


Arrive in Addis Ababa and welcomed by Kata family tour travel and car rent representative and be transferred to your hotel for check in. Overnight in Hotel

After having breakfast you will have a flight to Bahirdar and you will enjoy a boat trip on lake tana to visit the medival period island monasteries including Azwa Mariam, urakidanemehret, kibranGebreal(closed for women)most of these monasteries are decorated and staffed with mural painting, different historical and religious treasures. On the islands also you will experience the way of life of people living in. After lunch, we will drive to the small town of Tiss Abay (32km rough road)to visit the magnificent Blue Nile falls, locally known as “TisIsat” meaning water that smokes. In the late afternoon you will visit the blue nil river crossing Lake Tana and sunset over Lake Tana with panoramic view of the city from Bezawit hill. Overnight in Hotel

In the morning drive 185km to Gonder, The medieval capital city of Ethiopia. It was serves as the capital of Ethiopia for more than 250years Gonder is well known for its castles and places built by different kings between 17th and 18th century. After check in to hotel we explore these wonderful castles, the king fasiladas swimming pool, Debreberhanselassie church (light of trinity) known for its magnificent mural painting of its wall and ceilings. The Gonder castle is recorded as world heritage sites by USESCO. Overnight in Hotel

In the morning after having breakfast you will make the full day city tour to the historic city of Lalibela. It was the second capital of the ancient Ethiopia next to Axum. Lalibela is well known for its remarkable 11-rock hewn churches. They are believed to be hewn out from a single rock by king Lalibela at the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century. These churches were built from a New Jerusalem in Ethiopia. Among these churches of lalibela, BeteGiorgis (s.tGorge) is the finest and as amazing architecture, which was designed in a form of cross carved out from a single rock with absence of standing pillars. (The 11-rock churches of lalibela are recorded as world heritage site by UNESCO). Overnight in Hotel

We drive to the cave church called Yimrahana Kirstos(42km from Lalibela). The church has been constructed by king yimrahana Kirstos during the 13th century. In the church, there are more than 5000 thousand dead human skeletons lying without any coverage for the past 700 years. They are supposed to pilgrimages from Syria, Egypt and Ethiopia. The murals on the dark walls of the church, the year round spring water-descending from the top of the church and the forest around are very impressive and worthy to be visited. Then drive back to Lalibela. In the afternoon we will have time to contact the local people and experience their ways of life. Overnight in Hotel

Early in the morning, take the first flight to Addis Ababa and continuea drive to Awash national park and you will have a visit of different birds and mammals. Meal: – B, L, D Overnight in Hotel.

After Breakfast, drive to Hararcity.The fourth Islamic holy city of the world. At the evening visit the hyena’s man feeding hyenas by his hand and/ or mouth.

Overnight in hotel

City tour of Harar walls and the colorful market, the famous French poet Rimbaud’s Glass house. Sightseeing in the city.

Overnight in Hotel

In the morning you will have a drive to Dire Dawa, and take flight to Addis Ababa.

Overnight in Hotel

Flight to Arbaminch.You will enjoy the Dorze tribal village in chencha and their ways of life. Dorze people are famous for their weaving style and very well known in constructing a distinctive “bee hives” shaped houses entirely made from organic materials like bamboo and each surrounded by a small garden.

Overnight in Hotel

Drive to Jinka, viakonso, en route you will visit different tribes like konso who are very well known in constructing the hillside terracing and their long established communal ways of living villages, their funeral ceremony (when a person died his funeral ceremony will held after 8 years, 8 months, 8weeks, 8days and 8hrs later) until that they use mummy to protect the dead body, you will have a visit the current king Kala Gezahegn and his palace, lastly the colorful weekly Thursday market in KEYAFER, where one can have the chance to see different tribes such as Ari, Benna and other people with their traditional values and customs,

Overnight in Hotel.

Drive to mago national park, visit the mursi tribal village, these people are well known for the insertion of wooden and terracotta discs in to the ear lobes and women also progressively split and stretch their lower lips to insert similar discs plates in order to beautify themselves (mursi tribes have the same culture with surma tribes settled at upper omo) in the afternoon, visit the ethnological museum of Jinka.

Overnight in Hotel

Drive to turmi via Dimeka, if the days falls Saturday there is a color full market at Dimeka, the second place for hamer. In the afternoon you will visit the hamer tribal village. Hamar people occupy the eastern parts of the omovally, and best known for their hair style of the women, ornaments, scarification, and also yang ritual of bull jumping practice, that shows passage of time from youth to adulthood.

Overnight in Hotel

Flight back to Addis Ababa. In the evening, you will be invited a farewell dinner party in one of the traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa to Taste different varieties of Ethiopian traditional foods and enjoy the folkloric dancers of different ethnic groups. After the dinner, transfer to the airport for departure to home.


• The above programs can be adjusted according to your time, budget and interest.