Excursion to Menagesha Forest-The sun barley enter this deep forest


Excursion to Menagesha Forest


Drive to Menagesha Forest

Menagesha is located 35 km West of Addis Ababa, On the way to Menagesha, visit Gefersa Water Supply Reservoir and its many birds including the Blue-Winged Goose, the Black-Headed Siskin, Rouget’s Rail, etc. Walk through the Forest of Menagesha Mountain, which is covered with different types of trees like the giant junipers, “zigba” (PodocarpusGracilior) and “kosso” (Hyginea Abyssinica) some of which are over 400 years old. Drive back and arrive in Addis at noon.


• The above programs can be adjusted according to your time, budget and interest.